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U100 - Email and text messages but no voice calls

07 Jan 2017, 07:34

I am in Adelaide, Australia, and II have inserted my Telstra mobile sim into a new U100 handset and can happily send and receive emails and text messages but cannot send or receive voice calls. I have tried many different settings but to no avail. Telstra frequencies do match up with the handset. The handset recognises the Telstra mobile sim card and acknowledges that it has 4G signal. However when I call a local number the handset indicates that it is dialing but no sound is made and no connection is made. Incoming calls either go to voicemail or receive a message that the phone is not contactable. Is this a setting change required or perhaps defective handset? Thanks
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Re: U100 - Email and text messages but no voice calls

11 Jan 2017, 13:16

could you test with different carrier/sim? we don't have any feedback from Australia, so it could be useful to have a whole view of the current situation there.

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